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Samsung Push Pull Biometric Door Lock

  • P11,450.00

  • DETAILS: Program up to 31 user codes and/or RF ID tags and 100 fingerprints   
  • EASY TO USE: Use the digital touchscreen numeric keypad or fingerprint reader to enter a password, fingerprint, or RFID faster than you can turn a key. Shut the door and the mortise sensor auto locks the door for you.
  • MORTISE: Sturdier and more durable than cylindrical deadbolt locks but do require door modification. The mortise is electronic for faster open/close and has the added security of a latch.
  • SECURITY: Rigorously tested construction, random security code feature, bump and pick proof, intrusion alarm, PSB fire tested and fire detection sensor, anti tampering lock out. The lock has your back.

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