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A smart projector is usually a portable device that combines the latest display technologies with smart integrated functionality. The latest generation will connect with your mobile devices, home network, and content services for a seamless viewing experience. And you’d be amazed at what the right projector will do for your viewing experience. They’re portable enough for outdoor parties. They stream straight from your phone. Check the latest range of mobile projectors in Botswana.


Smart projectors come with their own interfaces, operating system, apps and even Wi-Fi connectivity. In other models, users don’t need to connect these projectors to a smartphone, tablet or laptop as it relies on its built-in computer, which can be used to stream content or download apps.
A smart projector is equipped with some special and useful characteristics that separates it from its normal counterparts. 

How do smart projectors work

A smart projector has a built-in computer inside that can be operated using the on-board interface screen or the projection image itself. The operating system that runs it can be expanded using apps available on the Internet. It can also use the internet to communicate wirelessly with other smart devices using the Wi-Fi network and can also be used for streaming movies and TV shows.

Smart projectors also have built-in speakers that allow users to use it outdoors. Some smart projectors are compatible with voice assistants like Alexa, Cortana, Siri and Google Assistant.
It can wirelessly connect to your gaming console and can get a live feed of what your security camera sees on a bigger screen. Smart projectors use smartphone assistance or its own Wi-Fi camera to conduct video calls.

Importance of smart projectors

A smart projector works the same way a smart TV does. It offers bigger screen sizes and is usually portable compared to smart TVs. These projectors can usually connect to smartphones, tablets, smart TVs, computers and other devices through Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or some other wireless technology. Portable smart projectors offer maximum amounts of brightness for outdoor usage.
Built-in speakers make it easier for users to do presentations without having the need to carry around a separate speaker system. Most smart projectors are also voice assistant-enabled and allow users to play video games using it. It can help in home automation, security system support and may even allow users to make video calls with their contacts.