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Office Security Collection

We introduce smart home security solutions to fully automate your home. A common misconception our customers face is that they think these solutions are too expensive and too complex to install. However this is far from the truth- our solutions start from very nominal pricing of P 400 for a basic sensor and go up to a few thousands if you wish to automate your entire home. Moreover these solutions are wireless and plug n play with no need to rewire and run cables in your existing house. Most importantly all our products are are scalable and you add more automation as your budget and needs evolve with time.
Below are some of the common products that any typical house may require. Visit us for a demo of these interesting smart home products.
Advances in technology enables businesses with multiple stand-alone systems for things like access control, surveillance and fire alarms, etc., to update with an integrated system that is mobile friendly, uses cloud technology, and even includes smart office features. As you review your security needs, consider opportunities to benefit from integration and smart features such as temperature and light control, mobility features and backup.  
To address security vulnerabilities, it is wise to consider office access control, video surveillance, alarm monitoring and a fire alarm system. The following are solutions to address office security needs:
Access Control: Access control systems help you manage and monitor who gets into your office and limit access to certain areas and devices. This system gathers and stores data that then enables a business owner to monitor movement of employees and visitors in the office, which could lead to identification of perpetrators if there is a security breach and enables proactive assessment of security risks to make adjustments as needed.
Video Surveillance: Video surveillance systems can both deter crime and gather evidence if one occurs. These systems include strategic placement of security cameras, monitoring motion and activity, generating alerts, transmitting footage, and storing footage. Cameras can be both indoors and outside.  There are many options for cameras and monitoring; everything from DIY approaches to full-service monitoring of digital footage with backup.
Monitored Alarms: Your office is susceptible to break-ins. Having an alarm is part of the solution, but if no one is around to respond - or you're located in a busy area accustomed to many noises including sirens - the alarm alone will likely not stop the crime. You may want to reduce your risks by having a system that is monitored by you or a professional service. Once turned on, by someone onsite or via a mobile app, the system uses sensors to detect if a door or window has been opened. if a window has been broken, or if there is motion. These sensors trigger both the alarm and whatever alerts have been set up, e.g., to a monitoring company or to your cell phone, so that an appropriate response can be determined. These smart alarms promote centralized monitoring as sensors placed at the office can trigger a home alarm to ring in response to the office intrusion.
Fire Alarm Systems: Fire alarm systems can help you protect both your employees and property, often detecting issues well before you or your employees might. Today's systems not only alert those in the building, but send information to the monitoring company to dispatch emergency responders.
These security system options come in range, once you're able to assess your needs and prioritize your systems and features, you'll have the peace of mind knowing you've taken steps to protect your business, your employees and your customers. And, you may end up with the added benefit of insurance discounts and smart office technology reducing some of your monthly expenses. ​