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Farm & Lodge Security

Gadget Guru brings unique products and solutions to solve security problems being faced at farms and lodges. Farms & lodges are mostly in remote places with little or no access to electricity and internet. Our cameras therefore have distinct features whereby they come with a solar panel and 3G & 4G SIM card connectivity. This allows you to keep an eye on your property from your phone wherever you might be. Other notable features are in-built led light for night viewing, motion sensor to alert on your phone of any intrusion, 2 way voice communication between sender and receiver etc. We also have dedicated motion infrared sensors which are solar powered and also have in-built siren to warn off intruders. Get in touch with us for a live demo.

3G/4G CCTV cameras provide reliable surveillance with a built-in SIM Card Port for farms, game lodges & remote areas. Smart intelligence is used for human detection. Get push notifications on your App. Video footage of up to a month can be stored on data-cards that can be inserted into the SD slot of the cameras

Important factors to consider when choosing a solar powered 3G/4G security solution for your farm:

  • The solar panel & battery must be large enough to accommodate  both scheduled & motion detection recording.
  • Lithium-Ion batteries provide more charge cycles and faster re-charging that standard lead-acid or gel batteries.
  • Are the batteries replaceable and the end of their life time without replacing the whole system?
  • Can video footage be stored on the camera for long periods to reduce bandwidth usage of your SIM card?
  • Is the built-in GSM 3G/4G router compatible with all the service providers in Southern Africa?

Depending on your GSM signal strength and the layout of your farm, there are two main options to choose from:

  • 3G/4G camera system that connects directly to the cell phone tower.
  • Wireless backbone that connects your cameras to an NVR at your farmhouse.