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A reputable company that deals with diamonds approached Gadget Guru with security apprehensions concerning protecting their commodities. Diamonds are considered invaluable therefore it is exceedingly significant to apply security measures that fully ensure that they are safe.

Gadget Guru with its vast portfolio of security solutions then advised the company in subject to engage the usage of a drone to operate as a surveillance tool hence improving security. Drones can ensure the general surveillance of a site, on a permanent basis and through scheduled patrols.

This innovative technology can detect incidents to react quickly and prevent hazards such as unwanted intrusion on a sensitive site and perhaps a nuclear plant. Drones can enter narrow and confined spaces, produce minimal noise and are equipped with high resolution cameras. They can locate persons who are wanted or in danger, including in inaccessible areas.

Gadget Guru provided a drone and conducted a 5 day in-house training on the basics of operating the drone for the diamond company. The training was piloted by a BQA accredited drone trainer. The training entailed both theory and practical. The students were practical insights on the best practices of operating a drone in a commercial environment.

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