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Security is extremely important for both domestic and commercial property owners and with the arrival of incredible new automated security technologies it is becoming easier and convenient than ever to thoroughly protect both home and office.
When you leave your home unoccupied, you want to feel confident in the knowledge that it is safe from damage or break-ins, no matter how long you’re away for.
Gadget Guru offers a range of automated security systems that are designed to give you this peace of mind. One of the provisions is CCTV installations which records when movement is detected and which can be accessed through display screens in the home or through the internet. These security systems have tools that include motion-activated sensors, door sensors, leakage sensors etc. By watching footage back in this way, you can keep an eye on your home and office no matter where you are.
Gadget Guru can rig up your home and office in a way that gives you remote access to alarm systems and notifications in occurrences where you forgot to set your security alarm before you leave. The security systems have tools that ensure that immediate notifications are sent to the user’s to alert cases of intrusion and as well as a security company, provided that the user has one. All these properties can be managed from one account.
The security system can be integrated with other automations in your home, such as lighting. For example, when you go away you can programme your lights to turn off in line with your usual day to day routine in order to make it appear that you’re at home. These unique tools greatly give the impression that your home is occupied.
It is equally important to protect commercial property as it is to protect the home, which is why Gadget Guru is able to adapt much of the same home security automation to be used in office environments. We can provide remote home security controls to allow alarms to be set and CCTV monitored from a whole different location and can offer a range of occupancy simulation features should your office be regularly left unoccupied.
For businesses whose staff tends to work at unusual times with lots of people regularly coming and going from the office, automated security systems can be very valuable. We have a wide array of automated security systems available to make your property safe and secure. Contact us to schedule a live demo of these amazing technologies.

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