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Fleet management is an administrative approach that allows companies to organize and coordinate work vehicles with the aim to improve efficiency, reduce costs and provide compliance with regulations set by authorities.
Fleet management is made easier with the aid of CCTV for vehicles. Ever wondered what your drivers get up to when they think you can’t see? CCTV Vehicle Camera Systems are in place to assist one to monitor drivers’ behavior and activities. It is noted that the way vehicles are driven and the behaviors of drivers will impact on the company’s reputation. In addition bad driving habits can increase wear and tear of the vehicles and increase fuel usage hence creating extra costs for the company.
This technology allows a company to monitor all the fleet no matter the distance apart. A dashboard can connect a number of vehicles and they can be monitored all at once. For instance, a delivery vehicle in Maun can be monitored in Gaborone, when it is offloading. The CCTV system is live and accurate real time. Another feature is that there is a two-way communication option which allows communication between parties and distance is not a barrier at all.
This technology is perfect for drivers to help them drive more safely. Both internal and external CCTV Vehicle Camera Systems can help with blind spot activity and provide reversing aids by giving the driver a live feed of everything around them, including people or other cars. This is a feature that most drivers value especially those in large trucks or vans.
Gadget Guru offers a variety of CCTV Vehicle Camera systems to help one to keep track of what is happening to all the company’s vehicles 24/7. Contact us to schedule a live demo of the solutions.

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